Freepbx on apple

Hi all

i’m asking you if there is a way to install freepbx on apple, or better on mac os x.
i’ve tried to install also yellow dog on an old powerbook but freepbx didnt’ install.

asterisk works well both on pb and intel mac, is there any chance that the freepbx
project will work also on mac? (not paralles, but native i mean)


if you can get asterisk up on it, then freepbx should run on it. just takes php and mysql or some other database.

is there any howto to make it working? i can run both asterisk 1.2 and 1.4 on my mac os x 10.4.10 machine.
i’ve seen this
have you ever try?


As was pointed out if you have asterisk running already then it should work. Take a look at and follow the directions. There is not a specific set of directions for apple, but there are several flavors of linux that are real close.

If you get it working post back the directions and it can be included for others to use.

From Switzerland: Marc Liyanage at has had binaries available for some years for those of us too lazy to compile from scratch. I’ve used them in the past with no problems. I’ve just never put them and asterisk on the same machine. My test asterisk server is running on an old Powerbook that I’ve still got at 10.3.9. No reason it shouldn’t work as long as you look at the expected paths the install script uses and make adjustments accordingly.

From Germany: An interesting PHP development drop-in called MAMP (LAMP for Mac?) is at . You don’t have to mess with OS X’s default Apache installation as this loads a complete development environment for you. You should be able to drop asterisk into this also.


Finally i made it running asterisk+freepbx on my apple PB, using yellowdog.

Quiet pretty simple. Just installed freepbx following the centos howto in the installation guide of freepbx.
A little bit of trick to solve some problem on the way and it’s working well!