FreePBX on a Asus WL-520GU router

I recently purchased a Asus WL-520GU router with a built in USB port, installed DD-WRT, and optware ( Running that software on a 2gig usb stick currently.

Installing the optware script also installed asterisk with sound and config files as well as mysql. I’m wondering if there is a way to get FreePBX running on this version of micro linux. Does a micro version of freepbx exist that installs on a device like this?


FreePBX has been installed on various lite weight devices though it usually does better on slightly more capable devices such as the PIKA Warp as one example.

One of the biggest performance wins you will have is to install a PHP accelerator such as php eAccelerator. These can make the difference between 5-15 second (or more) page loads and sub second page loads.

You may also want to consider FreePBX 2.8 which is currently in beta. There are some performance enhancements in 2.8 that may provide additional boosts in performance. Running with Asterisk 1.6 (or back-porting func_extstate.c) can add additional boosts as well in some dialplan paths.

Here’s the issue. I looked at the install configs for freepbx and they are designed for standard linux directory structure. DD-WRT with optware addition has basic busybox linux directory structure making it complicated to install freepbx

if I’m not mistaken (though I might be) PIKA is busybox.

Most directory settings in FreePBX are configurable, there are very few that are left that are hardcoded and only one that I can think of off hand that probably won’t change.

Does that mean going into each installation config dfile in FreePBX and changing the install directory?

A bit of an old post but I think this is a great idea to have ddwrt supported…
those are devices that will sit great for a home setup or a 4-5 people office setup.
One may have to wait a bit longer to load each page but… once it is all configured how often one changes settings?

I was able to configure my home pbx on a big box, copy all the config files and the astdb to ddwrt and is playing great on everything that is available on the optware default asterisk install. It is a bigger pain to change anything then to wait a little for a page to reload. :slight_smile: