FreePBX Offline Activation & Commercial Modules

(Jiri Kralicek) #1

I have a question about the activation.

I would like to deploy FreePBX in a very restricted environment with no internet connection.
To best of my knowledge, offline activation is not possible.
Also, based on the documentation, where is written that ID is a unique hardware hash, I suppose that I am not able to deploy virtual machine, activate the PBX, export the virtual machine and upload in the restricted environment. Am I right?

Thus, is it necessary to deploy FreePBX on hardware to use the activated system in the restricted environment?

Also, can I buy and activate commercial modules when the PBX has been activated and deployed in the offline environment, or do I need to perform the purchase and activation when connected to the internet?

(Lorne Gaetz) #2

Licensing and activation always requires an active internet connection. Your plan to use a VM will probably not work as well.

(Jiri Kralicek) #3

Understood, thanks.

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