FreePBX notify by email

Добрый день.
Подскажите пожалуйста как можно сделать для всех внутрених телефонов следующее :
если абонет занят или не ответил ему на почту должно придти письмо c номером телефона.
В pjsip.endpoint.conf внесены почтовые ящики к каждому номеру. Менять контекст from-iternal и etx-local?

Good afternoon.
Please tell me how you can do the following for all internal phones:
if the subscriber is busy or did not answer him, a letter should come with a phone number.
The pjsip.endpoint.conf contains mailboxes for each number. Change context from-iternal and etx-local?

This is not quite right. I need to change the dialplan and I’m interested in how to change the ext local correctly and get the extension number

you will have to be far more explicit.

in the pjsip_endpoint file, in addition to the settings, each extension has mailboxes. I do not understand how I can register a dialplan in FREEPBX so that if the call is not accepted or the extension is not available, an email will be sent to the extension

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