Freepbx not syncing with system time

The system is asterisk 16 and system 14. Chronyd is running and DATE shows the correct date and time. Going to Time Groups the time is an hour behind. I have rebooted the system twice and it still doesn’t catch up. Running ntpq -p results in a timeout. How can I force Freepbx to get the correct time??


Hi @edlentz This issue should be fixed with the latest framework (14.0.17) and UCP (14.0.4) . Can you try to update the modules and check again ? thanks.

The latest version of framework I can seem to get is and UCP wasn’t installed but I installed it and got

Just tried

fwconsole ma downloadinstall framework --tag 14.0.17

got back
Unable to update module framework - 14.0.17:

Probably because 14 is EOL. @pramarajan why was an update even pushed to 14?

That makes sense, didn’t consider that

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