FreePBX not getting back online after losing network connection

We discovered an issue with FreePBX when the network is down. FreePBX is not going back online when the network is up again. Phones are not registering (they have an IP) and the FreePBX itself is also not accessible (GUI and SSH). Only after a reset of the system everything gets back online.

Is this normal behaviour? Is there something we can change to stop this from happening?

Are the IP addresses stable across the loss and reconnect?

Yes, all devices get the same IP address when the network is up again. Also the PBX, after a reset.

I’ve had the same serious problem after long powerloss and USV down. PBX is using dhcp, and only got an IPV6 (based on MAC) from the router after power returns. Therefore PBX thinks to be satisfied with an IPV6-address. However only IPV4 connections are relevant in the local net area. So I’ve changed network connections of the PBX to fixed IP (IPv4 - same as was would have been given by the dhcp) in the admin module. Hope this will help. Any answer how to set PBX only to IPv4? Is there a rule like it is in postfix saying: all | IPV4 | IPV6?

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