FreePBX new deployment activation/deactivation questions


I’m currently running on FreePBX 13.x and planning on upgrading to 15.
I want to setup a new FreePBX 15 box, run the backup on the 13 and restore to the 15. I’ve tested it in my lab and it seems like it works ok…

Here are my questions. I want to make sure I’m moving the deployment properly -

So when I have the new 15 box installed, I understand I must deactivate the old one. In System Admin, next to the deactivate button it says “1 Zend Reset Remaining”

In addition, must I log in to the Sangoma Portal and initiate the “Reset Hardware Lock?”

And when I activate the new one, I just enter the deployment ID of the old one along with the same login credentials.

Is there anything else I’m missing? I did read one thread and someone mentioned you must clone the MAC address of the old one. Is that necessary?



Slight correction, you either use System Admin to deactivate OR use the Portal to reset the hardware lock. Doing both is not necessary, otherwise you’re fine.

Thanks, and what about the “1 Zend Reset Remaining”? If I deactivate my old box, and activate the new one, I won’t have any backout plan to go back to the old one if for some reason I have a major problem with the new one. I read where you can request more resets. Is that true?

You can’t request more resets, but you can request a reset be done for you by opening a support ticket of type billing and customer service

Thanks for the reply.

And just to clarify, when I activate my new server using the same deployment ID and username/password it will allow me to use the commercial modules we purchased. Do I need to copy over any license files?

Is there anything else I need to watch out for?

A successful activation is all that’s required to move your licensing to the new system.


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