FREEPBX MYSQL master slave replication

Hi All, I’ve set mysql master slave replication between two freepbx machines. Now if I create extension at PBX A, it’s also created to PBX B. Only issue I’m facing is voicemail option in the extension. If I enable voicemail in extension at PBX A, it does not replicate to PBX B. Any idea where extension settings are saved other than MYSQL? Please advise.

All configurations are not in MySQL. Many live in the astdb

Hi @jfinstrom thanks for the info. Can I sync astdb from one machine to another? Can you please specify the directory where it’s located?

truly a goal for many over the years, but no, it is not conducent to replication, real or ‘sort of’ although it is thread safe the code is just not multiuser safe and such access will break shit when you least want it even with readonly Access. (BTDT)

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