Freepbx Multi-Tenant

I have FreePbx server A with 1 sip and 10 DID number I need to create other freepbx server B and connected him with the B ( how to do that !!! sip … )
After connected between A & B i need to config all the call come from some number i have on A to transfer him to B

is this calles multi-tenant or i can config that on standard freepbx ?



That wouldn’t be multi tenant, you just want to run a trunk (iax or sip) between your two PBXs.

thank for your replay
you mean i config sip on server A with the ip of server B and reverse

(FreePbx A )
host=ip freepbx B

comtech Hello ,

I success to run a trunk (iax or sip) between your two PBXs .
and i success to transfer call from A to B ( from provider trunk to the trunk i build )
see pic i attached
how to config outgoing call from B ( the trunk i build ) to A and transfer him to provider trunk ??

any help please ,

  1. Can B register to the Provider Trunk as well? That would be easiest.

  2. Put the IAX trunk in the from-internal context. The calls will follow the same dial plan as a phone and be able to dial all the extensions. Once the call is in A, route it out via our existing outbound routes. Inbound route on A that has the trunk as a destination.

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