Freepbx & Multi Avaya IP Office sites

Hi Guys,

I’ve been using freepbx for quite a while at home which works a treat for personal use.

Though i was questioning if it were possible to use it in a work envinroment?
What i would like to know, would it be possible to use freepbx to route calls between Avaya IP Offices in multiple offices via SIP over our wan/lan?

The avaya’s in each office all support the use of SIP trunking if there was a needs to use a voip provider, Can freepbx at a central location on the network work as a provider to route calls between the IP offices in each office?

Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated.



The answer is yes. FreePBX’s installed base is probably 90-95% all business installs. I installed it here three years ago and have multiple office tied together all using asterisk and FreePBX with Dundi and IAX trunks between them.

There have been many posts on using Avaya systems in the forums. Search for Avaya, some use asterisk/freepbx as a existing part of a system and others are frontends to it.

Thanks for your help, all i need to do now i work out how to do it.
I’ve never really used Dundi or IAX configs before.

Are you able to give some pointers to get me started.
I’ve done a little bit of searching as you sugguested but im a little confused by how to go about it?

As for IAX enter in this sites search box “connecting 2 or more boxes”. Does Avaya support IAX and/or DUNDi? If not then neither of those will do you any good, but if connecting other FreePBX boxes together then …

for DUNDi info try “configuring dundi” there is not a GUI for most of this. you’ll have to edit config files…

Also total lack of details on which versions of FreePBX and askrisk don’t help here. The latest version of FreePBX 2.5 has more GUI DUNDi support them previous versions. But I’ve been using it since FreePBX 2.1 days.