Freepbx mirror


Are there any issues with the freepbx mirrors?
We are trying to upgrade some modules and are getting 404.
Error opening *****http:// modules/release/XX/dXXXXX.tgz*** ** for reading
Can anyone please help with this?


How are you trying to upgrade modules? GUI or fwconsole? Are you trying to upgrade a specific module or all of them? Which version of FreePBX are you running?

I’m trying both using the GUI and fwconsole.
This specific machine is running on version 2.5

You’re running FreePBX 2.5? That version went end of life more than a decade ago.

Yes, Unfortunately we are stuck with some of these on old developments we had.
Is there a way we can create our own repo for 2.5 and 2.9 for now, till we can upgrade them to new versions?

no there is not

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