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Is there any roadmap for FreePBX market place, somewhere that everyone can promote comnercial modules for FreePBX? store …

Not really because in order to have signed/official modules in the FreePBX repo, etc they need to follow the code rules which is they must be AGPL or GPL. They cannot require commercial licenses.

Outside of that people can install your modules on their own, fully commercial but since they won’t be signed, etc they’ll throw errors unless those errors are disabled from being thrown.

Or they sign the modules themselves.


I’m thinking about somewhere that developers of FreePBX can share their commercial modules and sell It could have some share for Sangoma too.

PS: At the moment, we can just sign open source modules not commercials !!

There’s really no demand for such a thing. You’d have a max five modules. Maybe. You don’t need a store for something like that.

This is not just about our modules. I think if there is one place like this, it will be more.

Also it helps to sell your modules globally not just in your community/local market.

Sorry but this is just simply not true. There isn’t a market for a marketplace.

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Are you saying that your global marketing would then be 100% dependent on Sangoma putting in the costs and resources to build a Market Place to generate you revenue in a market area you might not be in?

Outside of the idea of a FreePBX Market Place, what is your currently global marketing solution for your existing products?

We’ve done research into this in the past. The ‘market’ does not exist. There are not hundreds of thousands of developers for FreePBX like there are for Google Play or the Apple App Store, therefore Sangoma isn’t investing in something that would be a marketplace for 5 modules. That’s pretty much the final word on it.

No I didn’t say that.
I think it will help to FreePBX ecosystem and it would have profit for Sangoma also.

I’m sure you have more details about current FreePBX commercial modules sales amount. But when we are talking about million of downloads, so it can be interesting to make this market for users.

It was just a question/suggestion. it didn’t cost to you!!

Please remember that you are replying to @BlazeStudios. He’s a community volunteer. I’ve just given you direct answers. No need to get defensive.

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No, no I don’t. I’m just a user like you. Why would I just have a companies financial records willy nilly? Honestly I have no idea what the commercial module market is like right now. I haven’t used a commercial module in over 3-4 years now outside of Sysadmin Pro here and there.

Just consider the number of FreePBX installations.

For example there is a lack of reporting module, (I know all modules well). So what if you promote a reporting module for FreePBX and all users notify about it.
In the other hand, same market place can encourage developers to develop more useful modules for FreePBX.

@tm1000 said they researched before, so I think they checked all sales reports.

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