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Hi All - I’ve just download FreePBX and I’m struggling to find a full comprehensive setup manual - a search of the net including Sangoma site -but have not a manual for the version I have - there are lots of manuals out there but nothing matching the version I have - am I missing something here ??
Replies very much appreciated

The wiki link is at the top of this page. Start with searching for FreePBX 15, less significant bits can be ignored for now. but be cognizant of your OS

Thanks for that - I’ll scroll through the pages.

Don’t scroll, read and digest every page, do that twice and you likely won’t be back tomorrow with another question :slight_smile:

IMO you should take it one step at a time. FreePBX has well over a hundred modules, but your system will likely use only a few.

  1. Decide whether you want an on-site or a cloud system and choose a target.
  2. Download and install FreePBX (use the ISO if possible) and confirm that you can access it via both SSH and the admin GUI.
  3. Create an extension. Configure your device (IP phone, ATA, softphone or mobile SIP app) for that extension.
  4. Confirm that the device is registered and you can successfully call *60 (speaking clock) and *43 (echo test).
  5. Set up a second extension and confirm that you can call between them.
  6. Create a trunk and confirm (if applicable) that the PBX has successfully registered.
  7. Configure an Outbound Route with a simple match pattern pointing to the trunk.
  8. Confirm that you can make outgoing calls.
  9. Configure a default Inbound Route pointing to one of your extensions.
  10. Confirm that you can receive incoming calls.
  11. Look through the list of available modules and learn about those that seem useful for your business.
  12. Gradually implement additional features until the system meets your needs.

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