FreePBX loses IP address every time it is rebooted

I have a freepbx instance that boots up with no IP address information. I have to go to the console and configure it by command line every time its rebooted using ifconfig. On reboot it shows in the freepbx console the MAC address and no IP addresses.

Once I am in the GUI I attempt to configure the IP address info in System Admin, but when I save the text info reverts back to whatever IP info I have put in the command line to get it online to begin with.

Where should I go to update my ip address info so that it isnt lost on reboot?


Is System Admin up to date, I recall this bug from months ago but it should be resolved.

System Admin

I believe this is most current version, I am forcing a reinstall.

What file does the GUI save to? It seems as if it doesnt have permission to save any changes I make. Once I hit the save button in the GUI it immediately reverts back to the settings that were already in it (which I entered at boot up on the console using ifconfig)

Also it doesnt display a gateway in the Sys Admin GUI, even though it has one and it is working. Entering a gateway or changing the ip address , then clicking save results in it reverting to whatever was already there.

Permissions issue with wherever it is saving that?

I’ve seen something like this on multiple occasions. It usually occurs when the system is set to DHCP in the etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0

If you open that file via the command line there is all sorts of weird stuff that typically isn’t found there. Erasing it all and replacing it with the standard ipv4 setup usually does the trick

Is it also strange that I have only one network interface, and have always had one network interface, and it is named eth1, not eth0?

What command line editor or command could I use to open that from root console? Thanks for the path!

I opened VIM but cannot remember how to open a path/file…

Okay, I got in there and its empty. Do you know where the System Admin - Networking Settings attempts to save to? Would like to check out that file and maybe attempt to edit…

I Under /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ I have both


These systems were restored from snapshots on vultr, and it appears that is why they have an eth0 with some old info in them and eth1 with “undefined” in them.

Should I just delete both of these and reboot, then reconfigure? It seems when I restored the snapshot it created eth1 which is the adapter that is losing its setting.

Or would deleting eth0 solve the issue and allow me to configure eth1

Also thinking I could remove UUID from eth0, delete eth1 and fix it up that way.

Any suggestions?

In System Admin - Network Settings only eth1 shows up.

Here are the contents of ifcfg-eth0 and ifcfg-eth1



I remember this was discussed here long ago, discussion was about VPS’s with DHCP.

I think everyone agreed at the end, that best practice is to use a Static IP.

I actually used static IP addresses but as you know cloud providers like to assign them via DHCP.

The problem was more of a linux/sysadmin issue. The MAC address in ETH0 didnt match the restored machines new MAC address in UDEV so I was able to reconfigure the interfaces, remove old MAC address info and eventually get the machine back to a single ETH0 interface.

This was a direct result I believe of how Vultr snapshots work, though I suppose it could happen to anyone using KVM or XenServer to host FreePBX.

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