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Is there anything I can do extended logs from the calls? I looked into /var/log/asterisk and that full does not provides any info I can for troubleshooting.

From time to time I have complains on “static” in the calls. I would like to find out what is causing this.

Thank you

tcpdump and wireshark

from the OS command line enter
tcpdump -s0 -w/tmp/capture.pcap -C50

all types of variation on the above command - google it but that should get you started

reproduce the issue with that command running then ctrl c out of it and download the file

open it with wireshark and have a look - static isnt generally something associated with SIP however

“static” on a call is always a misnomer, audio ‘artifacts’ better describe them, as @dolesec suggests, capture the calls, extract the sdp payload (the audio bit) you can convert the stream to an audio file and as you listen, identify the time offset of the ‘static’ and then look for for out of sequence and lost packets, at that same offset because arbitrary ‘noise’ appearing in a data stream is very unlikely, its almost always a network problem.

thank you gentleman !!!

If your problem is ‘occasionally’, then there is a utility:-

that will capture each leg of each call in a separate pcap file ordered by day and hour , named as from and too and time. if you cron-prune /var/spool/pcapsipdump (by default) you can just leave ir running and have the complained of call ready go for analasis.

I suggest option " -m INVITE " if the problem is ‘static’ or you will get lots of irrelevant files.

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as always dicko - you are the best

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