FreePBX loggin in without requesting credentials?

Hi All,
I have a FREEPBX installation (FreePBX 13.0.152) with Asterisk 11.20 - when
I log in via the Browser FREEPBX does not require a user name and password for
the server?

I had a look at the /etc/asterisk/manager.conf file and the password originally setup is
setup there… Also in the Freebpx Advanced Settings menu the password is there…

Any input will be much appreciated!


The manager.conf doesn’t have anything to do with the web login. Try to check the web interface with a private tab. If it asks for a password then you have stored the password in your browser.

In advanced setting set Authorization type as you want , you possibly have it set to none (you might need to enable the readonly settings at the top of that page)

Hi Dico. Thanks will check and revert:slight_smile:
I can confirm that it is not a saved password in my browser as access is open from any machine on the LAN.


Hi dicko;
Apologies, but there is no Authorization type setting under the Advanced settings menu:
The only mention of authentication is this:

Your input is much appreciated. :slight_smile:

(you might need to enable the readonly settings at the top of that page)

Athorisation Type = None.

So good, I can now use the GUI without any password interruptions.
[Right now, security is not an issue in our environment.]