FreePBX little latency around Trunk FreePBX<>Fritzbox

I´ve got a Problem.
I have a latency to the Fritzbox. btw to external callers. If I get a call and answer, I have to wait 2 seconds. wait and only then can speak. I’ve had this problem since I started using the original version of FreePBX on a new system. With the version on my Raspberry, I don’t have this problem. I set the settings everywhere the same as they are on the Raspberry.
The new system has priority in the Fritzbox setting.

Does anyone have any idea what that might be?

On the Asterisk CLI, do you see RTP flowing immediately via ‘rtp set debug on’ or does nothing happen for those 2 seconds ? Is there something on your local firewall running on the new system that is blocking RTP temporarily ?

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