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Hi everyone, I hope I can get the relevant information I seek here.
So we have been running a free version of FreePBX version 16 in a virtual server for a while now and we have decided to use a paid version so that we can utilize some paid module like EPM and Advance Recovery for fail overs since it’s a busy organization that can’t afford downtime. We have already purchased 3 servers and would want to set up the system.
So where do we start and which licenses do we need to purchase so that we can get the above modules as well?
I wrote an email to Sangoma customer support and sales but I am not getting any response.

Best and Official answer you can get from Sangoma Support team. Just create support ticket for Billing and License section.

Hi Nazir,
Thanks, I just did that.

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If you are going to spend a significant amount of money and Sangoma is not being responsive, it might be worth evaluating alternatives before finalizing any purchase decisions.

VitalPBX - Advanced PBX System | Plans And Pricing

Home | Clearly IP Store

Go to > store > products > freepbx system and software > freePBX commercial modules a la carte

Be sure to link your purchase to the deployment ID of your freePBX system.

EDIT: you have to register your freePBX system at the Sangoma portal and activate it. But I assume you already did that…

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