FreePBX / LDAP / Red Hat IdM (IPA / FreeIPA)


Hi all,

We’re looking to implement and try a IP PBX solution moving away from traditional telephony. We’re new to Asterisk & FreePBX, and after spending some time reading documentation and several articles I’d like to make some questions regarding integration with LDAP, namely IdM / FreeIPA.

We’ve found and studied some articles like Web Archive - Red Hat Magazine - Open source telephony: a Fedora-based VoIP server with Asterisk and Github - FreeIPA Asterisk (I had included links but new users can’t use links apparently). However, when we look for articles about FreePBX integration with LDAP, the configuration and options seems rather less featured. As an example, FreePBX documentation recommends to manage groups locally on FreePBX, instead of the options presented on these articles.

We’ve made a fresh install of Asterisk 15 and FreePBX 17. It seems to us that files like sip.conf, extensions.conf, etc, get replaced by FreePBX’s own files, like these shouldn’t be directly edited? If we make a full Asterisk configuration with LDAP before installing FreePBX, will the configurations be removed? (we think so but would like confirmation) - or will FreePBX get those? If we edit directly the files, will it break FreePBX or will it “get” those configurations done directly in the files? Thanks

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