FreePBX keeps blocking my IP


Ive noticed that if I try to register my Xlite client wrong twice it blocks the IP im trying from. If I try to ping, do http request or register a sip device again wireshark tells me (destination not reachable) but as soon as I try from a vmware desktop pc it works fine. If I reboot the FreePBX server the connection is working again.

Ive tried to uninstall the firewall module and the blocklist module but to no help. Is there any way I can get FreePBX to NOT block any IP? Im doing some testing and register faults will happen…

Fail2ban is banning your IP’s.

Under System Admin > Intrusions Detection You can white list your network eg or ip
Once a IP is already banned you have to hit restart after whitlisting the IP.

Blacklist if blacklisting phone numbers, not IP’s and also not automatically… He’s crying now.

EDIT: See this wiki

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I’ve been down this road recently and in some cases even whitelisting and restarting did not remove the IP from the ban list. I had to manually clear the ban. I did so through SSH.

show list: “iptables -L fail2ban-SIP”

Delete: “iptables -D fail2ban-SIP #” (where # is the sequence number of the IP you want to clear)

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Thanks PitzKey and eros18 for your response!

I fixed the issue by adding the subnet (CIDR) of my lab in the whitelist, now it works.

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