FreePBX IVR with external API connection

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I am setting up a PBX for a company that wants an ivr which collects data from our APIs. They provide customers with tracking codes, which when entered into our API, returns the status of that specific task. I was wondering if there was a way that I could prompt the user to enter the tracking number, which then sends a request to our APIs then reads out the status information.

This may seem like a massive project, and I may have to scale it down a bit. I am a developer myself, so if I can figure out how FreePBX can work in this regard, I’ll be able to develop for it.

(Greg Blumenthal) #2

@premudeshi you should check out the Dynamic Routes module. It lets you do various kinds of queries to external things (URL, SQL, etc) and make IVR branching decisions based on the results.
@lgaetz had a post with a lot more info recently:

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Might also be an approach you can use - it depends on how you want to hit the API.

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