FreePBX issues

Hi Every Genius Around The World,

I’m Jimmy, I’m new of this IP PBX. Here I got few issues wanna highlight here hope someone can help to solve.

i. My freepbx panel show the webpage cannot be found when I click on it.
ii. OP Panel show warn in yellow under server status. It will be turn OK when I restart the amportal in command line. I had make the asterisk boot automatically when turn on the server it only start the asterisk but not OP Panel.
iii. Freepbx manual hope someone can tell me where I can find it cause I had forgotten the use of almost all the modules after when for training.

Looking foward to hear from you and thank you

Jimmy Yim

Can someone please help to solve my problem?

You will have to help us help you.

What installation are you using, PBX in a flash, Trixbox, Elastix, or roll your own? Then explain your problem in a little more detail and we will see what we can do.

I install from scratch using Debian. Installation run smooth without face any error. Only notice it when using freepbx and it show on the screen OP panel in yellow color. When I click on Panel the page show the webpage cannot be found. Under FreePBX Notices could not reload FOP server. Thank guy for your help

nobody had face the same problem? Please help very appreciate.

My understanding, after reading your posts, is that your knowledge in Linux is somewhat limited. My suggestion is this:
Download a complete distribution such as PBX-in-a-flash or AsteriskNOW and install on your computer. Keep in mind that by doing this you will completely wipe out your hard disk. This will give you a tested and fully functional installation.

To solve your issue by posting back and forth information and questions will take a considerable amount of time as all developers and contributors, as well as other posters, do this on their spare time. We do not know how you have set up your system or how you are starting Asterisk and other potential issues.

Please take this this the correct way, I am not patronizing you or implying anything else, I am just letting you know a way to install FreePBX in a tested environment that I know will work.
I do all my development in VMWare running both AsteriskNOW and PBX-in-a-flash.

Anyway thank you for replying my questions. I’m not using asteriskNow as what advice by my tutor during asterisk training. I would like to install it from scratch meaning I install linux debian then install my asterisk follow by freepbx. I follow all the step by step same as training. My concern is very thing look fine except the panel. So if you ask me to use asteriskNow mean I don’t really learn how the whole installation work.