FreePBX ISO download link SSL issue custom ISO Vultr


I have tried to use Vultr custom ISO uploader, because I want a specific freepbx ISO version it worked flawlessly in the past but today I got an error message that it failed, vultr support told me there is a SSL issue with the website

(Gerardo Barajas) #2

That´s weird, because I uploaded that ISO to vultr on Sept

If you want that ISO I believe I already have it on another virtual.


can you try again to upload a custom ISO with this link
I have used this link before and I didn’t have any issue looks like it’s a new issue,
the best outcome would be that this SSL issue gets resolved, there is workarounds but it would be great if this works, since it’s a very popular way to deploy freepbx

(Jared Busch) #4

I just wish I could download the ISO in the first place…


this part works fine
click on the drop-down view all versions, there is only an SSL problem for me

(Jared Busch) #6

Sure clicking the all versions opens the screen to the direct link.

But the big green buttons do not work.

Why? Because I run ad network blockers. It is a real simple solution for Sangoma. Just don’t load up the main download with third party crap.


open up a new topic this is not related to the SSL issue thanks