FreePBX is blocked in some countries

installed distro
faced some errors in installation of the Digum PRI
module admin
check for updates
and here is what I get
"Warning: Error retrieving updates from online repository(s) (, Online modules are not available."

this case is in Dubai UAE
where VoIP and SIP are blocked there

I faced no similar problem with trixbox
and I’m using it for more than 4 years
how can I over come this and make my Distro server see all the open internet ??
so I can update modules and download others

hello ahmed,

you can download the module on a du connection from here

and then install them using the upload module feature.

hope this resolves the issue.

ps: why would they block and leave open? lol

Are you able to wget the modules?

It always amazes me that somewhere like Dubai who portray themselves as I high tech business hub block things like VoIP simply so that Etisalat want to maintain their monopoly on telephony services.

You could try using one of the many open proxies available online.

you are right i think that it is unblocked on DU
but I wanted a permanent solution like a proxy or whatever that enables me to download updates and packages from the working server location without moving it

i can’t either run wget ot yum install from any PBX link
but I can do that for any other link

I will really appreciate it if you informed me how to insert a proxy or something similar on my asterisk server so it could by pass any block discarding the service provider