FreePBX IOS extensions offline

Hi guys, Wierd thing started happening to my pbx.
Asterisk Version: 16.20.0

All my extensions that are connecting on IOS/Bria with 4g/lte are offline in background. When I Open bria they are online and I can call them. If I lock my phone they’re offline againt and can’t call them.Staff from bria checked the logs they said that push can not connect to my pbx. I’ve restarted the router with pbx and it started working for few hours. Now they’re again offline. I’ve put the pbx to DMZ on the router to be sure there is no port/ip address blocking happening(also firewall was off) But it didn’t work.
Any suggestion would be very helpful as now I don’t really know where to look.

UPDATE, NOW while all my extensions were offline, restarted only PBX and it started working again for few minutes.

CORE RESTART doesn’t help
FWCONSOLE RESTART makes extensions work again for a while.
Also just disabling firewall makes it work again.

…said that push can not connect to my pbx
It’s more than likely that the statement is correct. Without looking at a SIP trace, the real cause is impossible to find out. In many cases, your problem indicates that there is a NAT related problem.

Hi, After last restart everythinkg was working 40minutes then suddenly all extensions has gone offline and the last sentence in log Remote UNIX connection disconnected.

This means an Asterisk CLI process disconnected, and, unless that console was being used by a hacker, is unrelated, as it does not use IP.

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