FreePBX integration Panasonic TDA100

Hello everyone, I’m new to this topic and it’s very difficult for me to get started, I want to integrate the Panasonic TDA100 with FreePBX, I want to order an expanded board KX-TDA0484XJ, is it possible to do this at all?

I understand that is a 4-port VOIP card for the system but I cannot find documentation for it in English. If it can communicate via SIP protocol, you should be able to interface with a FreePBX system as a trunk assuming a VOIP trunk is supported via that card on the Panasonic TDA100 system.

Starting The Ip-Gw4 Maintenance Utility - Panasonic KX-TDA0484 Programming Manual [Page 4] | ManualsLib

very little information on the Internet

KX-TDA0484XJ is a 4 ports H323 VOIP card, unfortunately KX-TDA doesn’t support SIP, so you can change CPU card, used on KX-TDE100 with DSP card which support SIP and H323 protocol (basically KX-TDA and KX-TDE are the same system, main differences are in CPU hardware new generation).

Or compile Asterisk with H323 support .

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