Freepbx installed on Asterisk BE

Has anyone installed FreePBX on Asterisk BE? Installation procedure?

I can say none of the FreePBX dev team has.

I have. I installed BE together with their rPath Linux distro. I then tried to install FreePBX on it. It was a dead end. The rPath distro is missing all vital pieces of software needed for FreePBX: perl, MySQL, php etc etc. And there where no useful information on how to install these packages from the build Digium use. I then tried to download and install from various sources the missing bits and pieces and lost two days of work trying to get it together. $1000 down the drain. But I have the license, the book and a support agreement that will end in October.

I ended up installing Trixbox, unTrix it and then upgrade to the latest FreePBX (version 1.something, I can’t remember) and my installation have been running for over a year now, 76 phones, 4 sites, one HP DL360 server and pure SIP all the way from the phone to the provider. I have upgraded Asterisk whenever there where a new version released, the SIP part have become more stable during upgrades, we had some outages from the first versions we tried. As I have done some coding on the .conf files to fit our needs I have not upgraded FreePBX since installation.

I am now building my second installation to replace the old one, the new installation will be Centos 5, Asterisk 1.4.x and FreePBX 2.3.x.