FreePBX Installation

Hi All, I am a complete novice to FreePBX and I am looking for recommendations to setup a 10 extension setup. What do I need to install laptop/server? What are the minimum requirements? Any help wold be appreciated.

Distro here:

This can be a good starting point to review and compare for hardware:

In reality with a small setup you could run it on almost any old x86, or a raspberry pi even (lookup raspbx).

Thanks for this, will have a look through it now. Another question, does Free PBX support TLS?

Don’t use hardware. just put it on a $5 Vultr or Digitial Ocean instance.


That wiki (in general) will probably answer a lot of your questions

Yes you can use TLS and I would agree with previous comments…put that on a hosted Vultr for $5/month and be done with it

Check out this YouTube serie, it’s really in depth and shows you how easy it is to deploy FreePBX: 01 PBX Planning - FreePBX 101 v15 - YouTube. You can also DM me for consultancy.

Hi All, I have FreePBX installed on vultr and went through admin config, however now I can’t get back into the web gui after laptop restart. On vultr I can show console and login wit lh root password and I can also login via putty. When PBX IP is put into web browser I CL get connection error? Ant ideas

Server Firewall or fail2ban?

How do I check these? I am knew to FreePBX

Reboot the server twice in quick secession to bring down the firewall and see if that works.

There is a robust wiki that if you are willing to read will answer a lot of your questions and get you started on a good foundation. I recommend starting there.

I recently configured a hardware server, there is quite a lot to learn, there must be a million settings and I find the UI to be confusing until you become comfortable with it. Do concentrate to understand the firewall and networks settings, it is possible to be hacked if you aren’t careful with this. There was also a security breach that came up a month or so back that compromised servers, requiring reinstallation of the server. It took me days to work through it to understand it fairly well. Consider having a consultant help you with your security setup.

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