Freepbx installation ubuntu 20 server

hello guys,

is there a detailed steps of how to install freepbx on ubuntu 20 server?

i tried this

but some modules were not installed(digium addons)
error: this module requires digium rpm to be installed.
maybe because of something related to operation system (ubuntu not centos)

and we could not find firewall settings in the gui !

so what should be done ?

Don’t do non-standard installations when you don’t know what you are doing.

Use the standard distro.

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well obviously i did not use the standard distro because i have some reasons.
or why would i try to use a non standard installation?
worst advice ever.

but thanks anw

FreePBX expects to have the ‘whole machine’. I assume that you want to run it along with some other big package that requires Ubuntu. This is not a good idea because there will be many conflicts. Even if you resolve them all, it’s likely that updates to FreePBX or the other package will break things.

You should run FreePBX and the other software in separate VMs and have them communicate via network or shared files.

If the above is not your situation, please explain in some detail why your application won’t run under CentOS.

The Digium addons module is deprecated and doesn’t do anything you can’t do yourself manually. You don’t need it.

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You posted a link that literally says website for students…

So yeah, when you don’t know what you are doing, do not customize.

Similar; you can probably adapt to your needs:


But don’t expect to be able to install any rpm packages or the Firewall Module on anything but “the Distro”

rpm’s are redhat specific , yum’s are yellowdog->redhat specific and the Firewall is a commercial module

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this topic explains why i am trying to install freepbx on an operating system other than centos 7 : FreePBX 15 debian buster - debian asterisk package

oh thanks, that must be very useful!
but @dicko is telling that firewall module still could not be installed!

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