FreePBX Installation not working

Hi everyone.

I have been working on freepbx from an old PC i was using. I installed FreePBX v16 on it.

I bought a mini PC (MeLE Quieter2Q) to run as I want to roll out the phone system now, as i have it working fully…

However, I am trying to install FreePBX (using the same USB stick and ISO file that I previously used on the old PC) on this new mini pc, and it won’t work…

When I load up I select 'Install FreePBX v16 (Asterisk 16) (Recommended)

Then I get to a page which says ‘Installation Summary’ and under ‘System’ and ‘Installation Destination’ it says ‘No disks selected’ When I click into this box, I see my hard drive and it says ‘115.23 GB Capacity 115.23 GB Free’ → I click on this hard drive at the top, click Done, and I get a screen saying

‘New SangomaOS 7.8 2204-1 Installation. You haven’t created any mount points for you SangomaOS 7.8 2204-1 installation yet. You can create them automatically’ etc. however, at the bottom of the screen, it says ‘Available space 117.97 MiB’ ‘Total Space 115.23 GiB’ ?

Where did the 115 gigabytes go? FreePBX only requires 2-3 GB?

I am confused as this worked easily on the old computer, I just plugged it in and installed in a few minutes.

edit: I have attached the image of it failing when I click ‘Done’ on the last menu where it asks me to create mount points.

2nd edit: attempting automatic installation, there are problems with the hard drive again. ‘Requested boot drve ‘mmcb1k0boot0’ doesn’t exist or cannot be used.’

I am probably going to have to buy a new mini PC. If it installed on the old PC, surely it must be a problem with this new mini PC. I wonder what mini PC will actually work for me? Might try a dell optiplex next.

You are trying to install a Linux OS on a disk that is already formatted for accepting a Windows system. I don’t know what you mean with SangomaOS, but if you use the latest FreePBX iso you should be able to install everything. As far as disk space is concerned you should allow the installation script to use the entire disk. It might be that you have to erase the old partitions before you can continue with the installation.

I think I am going to buy an M2 ssd and fit it into the mini pc. the mini pc has an M2 SSD slot you can fit yourself (when you buy the mini pc, it is empty, you can fit it yourself) so i think if i put that in, it might work, as its a different drive. Will have to spend an extra 50 or 100 euro i guess.


I have now fixed the issue.

The problem I believe was to do with the fact my hard drive was formatted for NTFS.

I went into hard drives, selected the hard drive with 115.23GB free. Then clicked Done. I then had to ‘add mount points’. At this point, I only had 117.97 MiB free as mentioned earlier. The key point was to click the dropdown section in the mount points called ‘Unknown’ in there, the 115 GB NTFS was in the ‘Unknown’ section. I clicked the ‘Minus’ symbol - underneath it, and had to confirm I wanted to delete the drive.

After this, I followed the error notices with regards to 1. Creating a /boot/efi partition 2. Creating a / partition and then creating a swap partition. This can be done by clicking the + button in the Mount points section. There may be another partition that you have to add by clicking + , the error notice at the bottom of the screen will tell you what partition needs to be added. However the main point is to delete the NTFS one to begin with, so that its possible to add all these.

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