FreePBX installation in country other than USA

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Hi, all

I know that different country have different PSTN signal system. It seems that FreePBX default is for USA. How should I configure my FreePBX for my location?


(James Zhu) #2

base on the card setting or gateway setting.

(Vcba79) #3

Which GUI setting or configuration file should I change? I only changed ‘Tone Region’ in DAHDI Configuration. Is this enough?

(James Zhu) #4

if you use dahdi, please check the system.conf and chan_dahdi.conf as well.

(Vcba79) #5

I only have opermode=USA in chan_dahdi.conf. Should I change this to my country ‘Taiwan’? What is this option for? I can not find any explain in wiki page.


(James Zhu) #6

try to set opermode=Taiwan.

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