Freepbx installation error

Hello. Can’t install latest FreePBX distro (1805-1 x64) on proxmox virtual env.
Every time i have error like this:
New photo by Dmitry Chugaev
How i can solve this?

Not sure what the error is based on that photo but we have a server running in Proxmox.

To start with I would make sure your Proxmox has all patches installed and download a fresh ISO of FreePBX.

I have been using promox for quite years, never see this error, suspect some setting s for promox(my version is Virtual Environment 5.1-41) wrong.

My proxmox version is Virtual Environment 5.2-10. After upgrade system with “apt-get update && apt-get upgrade” and adding/removing hardware (hdd in another modes) seems it work. Now i am wait for installation finished. Thank you for you answers.

No. I still can’t install distro. It installed with name ‘tiny’ and without any software. No web, no asterisk and so.
And when i start reinstall distro, i have some error again. Please, help. Seems error in ‘Software packages install’ process. Something in python 2.7 wrong… Please help.

Did you try downloading the ISO again?

No. I will try. Maybe you are right. When i downloaded it, something was wrong in download process…

Thank you. This is help me.