FreePBX Install with RAID Drivers


Needing to install latest Freepbx on a HPGen8 Proliant.
Since it doesn’t detect the raid adapter, I have drivers to inject pre-install.

Normally with Centos, you hit Escape at the install screen to go to command line.
Then, at the boot: prompt, you enter a command to install the driver.

However, when doing this with FreePBX install, no matter what you enter at boot: prompt -it returns “No Kernel Found” or similar.

Any assistance appreciated.

Disable the hardware raid? This should still allow for the software raid FreePBX will add during install.

Unfortunately, the server doesn’t have a SATA/AHCI controller, only RAID.
A new controller would have to be installed.

The problem is the install cant see the controller -needs drivers.

IIRC, there is a “manual” install method that might work. It’s the same method used for installing the system onto a removable boot disk (like a thumb drive). @lgaetz (I think) knows a lot about installing that way - you might be able to get where you want to go with that.

@lgaetz @cynjut What do you guys think?
Surely there’s a way to inject drivers pre-instal as part of the latest Freepbx version.