FreePbX inside a VM

I’m wondering the pros and cons of migrating my FreePBX from a single PC to a XenServer to spend life as a virtual machine in 2019. Is that something that could work?

I don’t have experience with that virtualization software you are mentioning, but FreePBX works great as a VM.

I have multiple instances of FreePBX on xcp-ng which is an open source hypervisor based on XenServer and it works a treat! Virtualization is definitely the way to go these days IMO. It’s too versatile to even consider bare metal installs for me any more… flexibility, mobility, stability, availablility backups etc…

The possible disadvantage of VMs is that they don’t guarantee scheduling latencies well under 20ms, which is what you require for good voice quality. You may have to do careful tweaking and avoid mixing Asterisk with resource intensive applications.

I don’t know what that means. I have a VM right right now running almost 2000 endpoints that averages about 15-20 active calls at a time per day. Zero issues with latency or anything else. It barely takes 40% of the system resources for all of that.

My freepbx servers are running on xen. I did run into issues with a kernel incompatibility that required using hvm instead of pvm for the setup. Other than that, it has been working well.

How do I go about enabling hvm? If you got links too, it would be very helpful.

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