FreePBX - Inbound route condition

I would want to make 2 inbound route that use 1 trunk.
In the first in-route can access every number that call the trunk and go to a ring group.
In the second in-route can access only my cellphone number and i can access to DISA entering a PIN code.
Is it possible do a condition that check if the caller number is mine, i access to DISA?

In the main Incoming Route, leave the CallerID Number blank and route to your Ring Group.

Add another Incoming Route with your mobile number in the CallerID Number field, that routes to DISA.

The CallerID Number field must be in the exact format that your trunk sends. Look at the CDR record to be sure.

It works. Thanks.
But if i would want to listen to voice message before enter the number in DISA, is there a method?
P.S. I’ve tried with Text-to-Speech but i listen to nothing.

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