FreePBX hosting

so I looked at the FreePBX certified VPS hosting solutions by Cyberlink and I find the selection quite limited. There are various RAM options available but every VPS offered comes only with ONE virtual (logical) CPU and that’s not quite enough to run G.729, iSymphony and a2billing running on the system IMHO.

I know they have dedicated servers but an ATOM server is probably not really more powerful than a VPS and everything else is MUCH more expensive. Why not offer additional logical CPUs as upgrades?

Just wondering what the community thinks and if anyone knows of good alternatives.

lots of hosting providers out there. but unless your call volume is high, one logical cpu with enough memory is sufficient. we also host and run most of the pbx’s on one logical cpu with about 2gb ram and they work just fine including isymphony.

if you have the knowledge you can go to just about any hosting provider and get what ever hardware you want. you can even use amazon or azure but i am not sure it is cost effective.

i would also suggest choosing a hosting provide relatively close to where you or your customers are. i.e. i would not use a host in NYC for a customer in san diego. it does work, but assuming you are using the internet to connect the phones to the pbx, you may see that the connection time going across country is a tad long (at least for my liking)

Thanks. Cyberlink should offer multiple CPU options though since they are the only certified solution.

They are the only certified solution in the US but we provide FreePBX hosting in the UK and do offer multiple vCPUs on some of our configurations.