FreePBX hosted on Amazon Web Services with The Web Machine

Hi! This question will only be applicable to those who use Free PBX hosted on AWS EC2 with The Web Machine. Does anyone here use TWM? TWM I understand is fully licensed/certified as a Sangoma software development partner. I use them and have been very happy.

Anyway, I’m having a weird problem where TWM’s “smartupgrade” utility has stopped functioning to update my server. When I run it, my server updates alright, but none of my phones will register anymore. If I manually update my server with “sudo yum update” and “fwconsole ma updateall”, everything works fine.

Just wondering if anyone else uses TWM here, and has noticed their smartupgrade utility not working and if you have any ideas for a fix. Thank you!

they seem to offer support for the install , have you reached out to them directly ?

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Yes I am working with them on it. I was just wondering if there were any other TWM users here having the same issue - to see if it’s systemic, or only related to my system.


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@TheWebMachine is also here in the forums

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They posted this alert on their web site. To say you can’t miss it would be a big understatement.


Why does this seem to translate to “old CAs were killed and it made old clients and OSes not work. We updated the OS. All fixed”

Edit: That said, I doubt this would be the only instance.

Meh, the R3 CA expiration has been a much bigger mess than just our file repos (also running CentOS7) going down over the weekend. Between RedHat’s EOL’d OpenSSL v1.0.2 in CentOS7 and a cross-signing bug, Yealink putting out a firmware update for their latest gen devices on September 25th that still didn’t include the new R3 CA, and the slew of other physical endpoints out there that haven’t seen firmware updates in aeons, anyone who employs TLS/SRTP likely found themselves waking up without working phones this weekend.

Seeing Slack and dozens of other sites take a dive over the same SSL nightmare does give me a little solace that it wasn’t just us having a hell of a weekend.

Honestly, the sheer number of vendors who dropped the ball on this doesn’t bode well for any of us moving forward. There are several more major CAs expiring in the next couple of years. :expressionless:


Thank you for tagging me!

and I assume they reverted it because the T5 series says updated the 26th but it is the files from July again.

FFS, Yealink! :man_facepalming: