FreePBX GUI stuck loading at 80%

I noticed today glancing over at my desk set that it was offline. I was going to try and jump onto the GUI and noticed that it loaded the selection page “FreePBX Administration, User Control Panel, Operator Panel, Get Support” and it would let me login to the Administration screen. Upon loading the admin screen the progress bar would stick at 80%

Also it looks like none of my PJSIP endpoints are connecting haven’t done much diagnostics with out the admin panel.

Using FreePBX Distro 13. It’s been running fine until today. Did a server restart from the command line but that didn’t seam to help.

No updates or changes had been preformed recently.

The menu bar does load I’m able to open some tools. Also the dashboard eventually times out with this error “There was an error asking for Overview. Check the error logs for more information”.
which log would indicate what’s going on?

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