FreePBX GUI only shows 1 nic

I just did a fresh install on a machine with 2 NICS. The GUI only shows ETH0 however. Console shows ETH1.

I would like to configure one NIC with an external IP and the other NIC with an internal IP.

Previous versions of FreePBX would show both NICS under system admin, network settings.

Thanks in advance.

Bump, anybody? Willing to pay for support if necessary. Thanks.

LOL…not even 10 minutes ago I had a similar problem. Is your second NIC actually connect to a ethernet line, or if virtual is it set to “CONNECTED” in the nic config for the VM?

Yeah the virtual nic is connected. Just for testing I ran the installer on a physical machine with 2 connected nics, and it does the same thing. It will show the second NIC in the console, but wont show it under network in system admin.

Hmm…strange. " service network restart " from the CLI enough to maybe bump the GUI into submission?

No dice on service network restart.

This is what im seeing in console, and the GUI.

ETH0 is the only thing in the GUI drop down.

VLAN setup ? (if applicable)?

no vlans, when i click create interface, it doesnt list an eth1 as a parent interface

I remember seeing this issue on the bug tracker.

Good to know. I ended up going back to an older version and the issue is no longer present.