FreePBX GUI Not Accessible

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Hello all,

I was working on 2 FreePBX VM’s and out of nowhere both GUIs went down without me doing anything. In my CentOS machine, httpd, mariadb, and asterisk all seem to be ACTIVE and running. Is there any reason for this? I’ve been very stuck and can use any help possible.

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can you ping them?
can you make other external connections?

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I can ping both VM’s from my laptop yes. It is a very weird issue. All connectivity seems to be stable…

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Forgot to @ you

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iptables was enabled. needed to be disabled to access them again!


I certainly hope you don’t leave it disabled. Instead, you should add your IP to whitelist and make sure that its never blocked, that way if you are working on something and accidentally have a phone trying to register with improper credentials, you won’t get locked out.

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