FreePBX Gui in html Frames

This is probably a very stupid question.
But, is there a way to place the Freepbx gui in html frames?
When i attempt to, it says “refused to connect”. Obviously the GUI is working itself in a standalone browser tab, but when i put it in frames, no love.

Basically, I’d like to build a html page that will show our PBXs in a single page that will refresh every so often as to show the status of it. We have a trunk that keeps going down, and it’s pretty time sensitive on when it comes back up as our call center is dead in the water without knowing. So instead of me having to refresh each page of the PBX to see when the trunk is back up, i’m just trying to create an automated way to check in a single location.


I would suggest using the right tool for the job. Something like nagios and check_asterisk_peers - Nagios Exchange will tell you when something is offline. It is better to be told then to check :slight_smile:


In addition to Nagios you might look at Zabbix as well. It’s working pretty well for us for monitoring of our deployed systems.

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Thank you! :slight_smile:

For the record, that plugin is highly outdated and has zero chan_pjsip support. You download version 2 and the first thing you see in the script is this:

# Check asterisk peers plugin for Nagios.
# Written by Chad Phillips ([email protected])
# Last Modified: 2009-05-02

Then there is this

(Optional) The type of peer to check. Valid values are sip, iax. Defaults to sip.

Just a five minute review of the code shows that yes, this only supports chan_iax and chan_sip. Using this on modern versions of Asterisk with chan_pjsip will not work.

Need to always verify that 3rd party programs like this have actually kept up with the changes in Asterisk.

I didn’t look at it was giving an example and I suppose a poor one. You don’t really even need anything that complicated. Something as simple as the following could work

Of course adjust as needed or even create your own, Basically if the exit’s are right you can make it do anything in any language.

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