Freepbx GSM Gateway

Hi every one this is my first post and currently i need some help. I need to make it work the following way when a caller in SouthAmerica calls my GSM number (DONGLE1) in the Server1 then with an IAX2 configuration i need the call to be routed to my EUROPEAN Server2 and then make it call my mobile via GSM (DONGLE2) my phone number here in EUROPE.

I currently have

2 Freepbx servers one in Venezuela(dongle1/server1) and another in Spain(dongle2/server2).
Both servers + dongles can make and recieve calls
Both servers are properly configured with an OPENVPN SERVER - CLIENT
Have servers connected together with IAX2. I can call extensions between servers.

I want to

Incoming calls to the dongle1, route the call from server1 to server2, exit on dongle2 and call my mobile phone number.

It will be great that you can help me with this. Because in my country outgoing international calls are not allowed since one month, and i need to be in contact with my family in america.

That’s why i need to make this work. Thanks.

At the US server make an inbound route with any did/any cid and set as destination the iax trunk.
At you EU server make a custom extension and put as custom dial the following

Local/your europe number that you want to be dialed@from-internal.

You should have configured your outbound routes properly to allow your number to be dialed out.
Change the context of the iax trunk from from-internal to from-pstn.
Finally in the EU server make an inbound rule with anydid/anycid and set as destination the extension that you made earlier.