FreePBX Grandstream HT702 SIP Connection

I am fairly new to FreePBX but so far I have been able to successfully setup several SIP devices (Android, softphones, etc.) to work as extensions.

Now I am trying to connect my HT702 ATA to FreePBX as a SIP connection so that I can use my existing cordless analog handsets with the new PBX. I have no firewall between the two, they are on the same subnet, but I keep getting a “Not-Registered” status on the HT702.

I have tested the user ID and password (secret) on my Android device and it connects just fine. I am at a loss on where to go next as nobody seems to have any notes or documentation on this device with FreePBX.

I am on the latest FreePBX version ( and the latest firmware for the HT702 ( Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I’ve configured the HT702 without issues, but I recommend you buy the Obi 100 instead. Sound quality is much better, there are directions on how to configure it with FreePBX on the FreePBX Wiki, and there is a large community of users on the Obi forums to help you if you have any issues…