FreePBX FreePBX - Modules up to date, what about YUM Updates?

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Hello all, my module updates happen automatically, and I am on FreePBX Version I have 315 System updates in the wing:
| There are 315 System updates available. |
| Run yum update to update them. |

I see so many mixed answers on how often one should do updates, Would YUM updates ever upgrade to a full version update (Like 15), or would these updates all fall within the 14.XX.XX realm? Thanks in advance.


yum update will not upgrade you to FreePBX 15


Some yum updates are pretty necessary in my experience. For instance, your access to intrusion detection in the GUI could hiccup if “yum update sysadmin” isn’t up to date.

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If you’re running the FreePBX Distro, you should generally run yum updates at about the same schedule as you run module updates. FreePBX will never get a major version upgrade automatically.

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Okay, so I should “Probably” run Yum Update this weekend, and update this system. Is just the command “yum update” okay? as it suggests…I am leary because I’ve worked so many years with Linux, and sometimes I get weird libraries in updates that break things…but I need to have some faith.

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Okay, this seems open still, so I have a few more questions. To make sure my system doesn’t break, I would probably restore it to a different VM, and try the upgrade, to see if everything is functional, preserving my old system just in case.

I did do a test restore of my system from bare metal, just to make sure that worked, and it did. I brought down the main FreePBX system, because it had the same IP, since the backup is an exact clone. The one thing I did notice, was that FreePBX reconized it was on different hardware, and as a result, it said I had to register the system…so my question is, what’s the best way to tackle a restore like that to a new VM, should I:

A. Register it as a different system under new hardware? I also paid for modules, would I have to buy a license for another set of modules since this is technically “Different” Vm hardware? I bought the starter bundle

I guess I don’t know any other options, if you are following what I am saying, how do I deal with the registration of a hot spare, that is an exact clone? Especially if I want to test updates?

As well, if all these updates go well, are these the best upgrade instructions:

Lastly, I know that chan_sip is gong to the wayside. My PBX was installed, before I realized this transition was happening, as a result ALL of my extensions are chan_sip, I have had ZERO issues with that so far, but I know at some point I’ll have to cross the bridge. Can I safely upgrade to FreePBX 15, and then cross the Chan_sip to pjSIP conversation after that upgrade?

Does anyone have a really good conversion method for that, I saw a script that some people used, is there a tried and true conversion method?

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