FreePBX Framework and "add advanced setting to disable nightly update checking" change log notice

FreePBX Distro 5.211.65-8 up to date with latest released Framework

Once read the Framework’s change log (see this GIT’s Commit here) I’m currently not able to find any new reference in Advanced Setting menu (if any was provided at this time with that revision of Framework). Am I missing anything?

Admin > System Admin: Updates -> Never

Is this what you are looking for?

It is a read-only setting so you’d need to enable read-only and then enable read-only override.

Turning this functionality off is a huge security risk.

Hi James.

Well…No, it’s not. At least I think It’s not.

Probably I misinterpreted the changelog and I was looking for that new parameter in the wrong place: the (FreePBX) Advanced Settings menu.

By the way, in my system (with Sysadmin Pro), looking at the Admin -> System Admin -> Updates -> Update Schedule’s section as you suggested, the “Update Schedule” was yet set to “Never” by me many weeks ago (so well before the Framework release).

The fact the “Update Schedule” is set to “Never” in my system is due to the discovery that, weeks ago, it tried to automatically upgrade - failing - from Track 4 to 5 when previously I always managed those system updates/upgrades via CLI every time before the automatic scheduling occurred and ignoring it!
The long story short starts from this comment.

Staying on track I ask myself: what’s the advanced setting newly introduced if the “Update Schedule” set to “Never” is not a new setting at all?

Am I doing confusion?

If we’re speaking about the same thing (“FreePBX Distro system updates”) then setting “Update Schedule” to “Never” is not a huge security risk providing that system administrator is notified about that and is able to perform that update/upgrade via CLI accordingly in a reasonable time-frame.

I discussed about that “point of view” with tonyclewis and SkykingOH and then I opened two different Tickets: the FPBXDISTRO-63 and the FPBXDISTRO-64.

But here it’s another different story…reading the Framework changelog I was only looking for that “new” announced advanced setting…where it is?

I am not talking about the “System Admin” module or “FreePBX Distro system updates”. The Framework Module update is in no way related to System Admin updates. We are still brining James up to speed so he is a little confused here and giving you wrong information to which you are already confused.

The setting that “moved” was the setting on/in the security shield on Module Admin, which was there regardless of it you had/have the System Admin module installed as it’s completely unrelated to that. It is the setting that sends you nightly emails about module updates and its the same setting that also puts notifications on your login dashboard about updates. It also is the setting that sends you emails if there is a security issue relating to a module.

I just told you where to find the setting. Go to advanced settings. Turn on “Display Readonly Settings” and then “Override Readonly Settings” and then look for “Update Notifications”. Again this does NOT actually do any updating (as opposed to System Admin, which AGAIN I am not talking about) it just sends notifications, the same notifications since the dawn of time that FreePBX has always sent.

Damn good answer.

I admit: I was too lazy (and so I didn’t pay too much attention to your very short answer) to check “Advanced Setting” with “Display Readonly Settings” set to “True” to find myself what I was looking for.

Thanks for the clarification. I agree, do not let the system to send/show any notification of FreePBX Modules update by altering its default value (where default means to show notifications) is a bad thing to avoid.

Thanks again for the explanation.

Just one question: at this point, said what we said, with the terms “Update Notifications” you mean strictly “FreePBX Modules Update Notifications” or it could be valid for a broader “FreePBX Modules and Distro Update Notifications” too?

Only FreePBX Modules. Its distro agnostic. You should be good!

Classic, when you are done bathing James in salt water perhaps you could “bring” him up to speed.

Too funny.