FreePBX for callcenter company


I am new to FreePBX, and i have used 3cX phone system before, but i was to expensive for my useage. So i have looked a lot on FreePBX.

I have a call center company that monitor and answer calls from 3 queues and most of the time i have 1 emplyee loged in to one or more queues

Is iSymphony the only choise to be able to make a call center dashboard?

Queuemetrics is a good option in my opinion!

My favorite is FOP2. Super simple to install and it just works!!

Thx for that - what does it mean with “Allowed Tenants:5”

FreePBX is not a Multi-tenant software so that can be ignored. :slight_smile:

thx a lot for all the help

@jessy5765 and @frankb

a last question then i think i am up and running - is there better softphone client then X-lite?

I am using zoiper. Works.

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I just started Playing with Grandstreams app. Its actually really nice and even has programmable BLF