FreePBX firewall issue


FreePBX version 10.13.66-21

I am posting here because the firewall in FreePBX has suddenly started blocking traffic it cannot, and I am hoping someone here might have some insight.

About six months ago I installed HylaFax + IAXmodem. Winfax print installed on the users’ PCs allows them to fax via it. I have it connecting to port 4559. I created two custom services:

Hylafax 1 (protocol: tcp, ports 4557:4559, available to “Internet, Local, Other”)
Hylafax2 (protocol: tcp, ports 1024:65535, available to “Internet, Local, Other”)

The user just prints a document to the Hylafax “printer”, enters a fax number and off it goes. Up until the last couple of days, it has stopped working; the clients give a connection timeout error. No changes have been made to the firewall settings.

I have confirmed it is a firewall issue by stopping the firewall (‘fwconsole firewall stop’) and trying to fax and it works. When I look at the the firewall rules via the command line (iptables -nL), the rules are there; here is an excerpt:

Chain fpbxsvc-f76af8cb95d448c1 (3 references)
target     prot opt source               destination
ACCEPT     tcp  --             tcp dpts:1024:65535
ACCEPT     tcp  --             tcp dpts:4557:4559

Is there somewhere I can turn on some logging for the firewall to see what is happening with the traffic?

Thanks, in advance, for your insight.

That is an ACCEPT rule, so that is NOT what is blocking it - with the firewall running, from the cli, type “iptables -L -v” and post the results - that will show you where it is getting blocked.