FreePBX FAX Statistics module: an idea

I’m interested in understanding/learning how to write (rules/requirements) a basic FreePBX Module that (-A-) will show (system) global FAX Statistics (initially in a static fashion, more or less, as happens when from Asterisk CLI we run a “fax show stats”).

The idea is to have a place in the FreePBX’s GUI that let system’s global FAX statistics to appear.

A more complex challenge (I’m not a developer…sigh!) will be (-B-) to implement a FrePBX Module which show (Database collected) FreePBX system global FAX statistics to avoid them get lost on every Asterisk restart (which could happens quite often) as happens now.

Where should I start if I care about (-A-)?
Is there a (Free) Module I could examine to understand/learn how to manage challenge (-A-)?

Someone will for sure tell me that global FAX statistics are just a part of a big more complex picture: users FAX statistics should also be considered.

I know…I’m a newbie here, I’m just trying to understand if such type of request could be managed by myself or if it’s so complex that only a Feature Request could be filed to FreePBX Developers.

Kind regards, Davide.

Aspiring FreePBX devs are welcome at where you will find a number of 3rd party modules and a few people willing to give you a bit of help as needed. You just need github credentials and a bit of familiarity with git.

At the link above you will find the basic “Hello World” module which which will show you the basic framework for a module. Also there is the Call Statistics module which queries the CDR and displays statistics based on user input, it may guide you a bit.

Thanks you very much! The very first step to me is to figure out the basic…exactly an “Hello World” example would teach.

Would be interesting to have a high level point of view about ways a Module can interact with the (FreePBX/Asterisk) system…but I think some matters become clear and clear just by doing.

At least the idea of a FAX Global Statistics Report Module for FreePBX didn’t result a silly idea to others.

Thanks again.

Please see this link for information:

Also note that we will soon be on git instead of svn.

Thanks tm1000. For sure, it will not an easy task for an absolute beginner like me.

To me, a very inspiring Blog post was <a href=>this one.