FreePBX Fax Module

I am trying to enable faxing on FreePBX, but I can’t find the FreePBX fax module anywhere!

I am running Asterisk 1.8, and FreePBX 2.10. I have installed Digium Free Fax for Asterisk, but all I can see in FreePBX is the Fax Configuration module. This doesn’t seem to be the same thing as the fax module others refer to.

I’m in Devices and Users mode, and all I want to be able to do is receive a fax on a dedicated DID and send it to an e-mail address.


Under a defined user account, you will see the FAX option.
Simply check the enable option and enter an email address.

There is no FAX option under the User account on my installation of FreePBX. Any thoughts? Nor under Device.


Freepbx automatically detects what faxing modules you have available and changes options based on this, as I recall.

I had failed to add the (missing libraries) and couldn’t for the life of me figure this out either, until I compiled the missing modules and got them loaded.

I’m using asterisk 11 with res_fax and res_fax_spandsp and finally it all made and works properly, finally.

There is the general fax configuration in settings, a piece in the “inbound route” and a part in “extensions”.

I’m using res_fax_digium with the free licence as opposed to res_fax_spandsp. I followed the full instructions to install it and I have verified it is running.

Could it be to do with using device and users mode? Everyone refers to ‘extensions’ but I don’t have an ‘extensions’ modules, since it is now replace with ‘users’?


So I just backed up my pbx, and then moved it back to extension mode, and there it is - Fax.

So how do you get Fax working in Device and User mode, since this is what we plan to use in our office.


In device and user mode the fax options are in the device screen.

No fax option on my device screen. All I have are Device Options, Device Info and End Point Manager on my device screen.

I am using the mode “device and user mode” and the fax are under the “- Dictation Services” if enabled on the users. On another setup that I did, I created a user named “Fax” and assigned the DID for the fax services for a real fax machine connected to a device that I can’t remember the name of for the life of me.

I have the “Fax Configuration” installed on FreePbx on CentOS 6.4 built from scratch. I Also have res_fax installed as well.

Hope this helps.

So in short, You have to create a user first, and then the fax settings are displayed there in freepbx Then you can make other option changes for the fax module in the settings under “Fax configuration”