Freepbx fail to detect Fax For Asterisk license

Just finished setup cenos 5.4, asterisk 1.8, freepbx 2.8 and Fax for asterisk (free license). Connection to pstn via TE220P E1.
when i tried to setup an extention (using freepbx gui) i’ve got an error message:
ERROR: No Fax license detected. Fax-related dialplan will NOT be generated! This module has detected that Fax for Asterisk is installed without a license. At least one license is required (it is available for free) and must be installed.

Although Asterisk looks OK:
CLI> module show like fax
Module Description Use Count Generic FAX Applications 1 Digium G.711 and T.38 FAX Technologies ( 0
2 modules loaded

CLI> fax show licenses
Fax Licensing Information

Free fax licenses: 1
Total licensed ports: 1
Licenses Found:
File: FFA-M68ZPFBRFZ9T.lic – Key: FFA-M68ZPFBRFZ9T – Product: RESFFA – Host-ID: 50:25:05:89:eb:91:42:dd:a3:89:93:09:57:84:59:57:53:26:01:56 – Ports: 1 (OK)

Is someone has any expiriance with this combination?
Any idea??